Bastrop 9

reTREEt America is a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to planting trees in areas which have been affected by a natural disaster. We consider the reTREEters as ” second responders “. We are a band of cycling tree planters,  we  ride into town on our bicycles followed by a convoy of trucks and trees!! Those affected by the disaster have started to get their lives back together after the clean up and rebuilding of homes. This is when we show up with donated trees for their properties along with a  small army of tree planters!!

To date we have helped the folks at:

  • Bastrop, Texas, where a wild fire destroyed 10’s of thousands of acres of forest and 1600 homes
  • Lancaster, Texas, affected by a tornado
  • Joplin, Missouri, another tornado
  • Goderich, Ontario, where a tornado ripped through the center of the town

We were back to Bastrop, Texas again this past month, Jan 27 – 28, to continue our efforts in re-establishing the tree population. Over a 2 day period 40 plus reTREEters planted over 500 trees on 28 different residential properties. We were welcomed with open arms and the neighbourhood was extremely grateful for our efforts!

Along with the tree planting component we always include some cycling before, during and after the planting event. As cyclists we attract attention to our cause and are able to get a closer look at the devastation as we cruise through the affected areas. And of course there is always a celebration of sorts Saturday night where local folks and sponsors help us all to celebrate the event.

Check this link out for a view of Bastrop during the fire, from Austin, Texas, 40 miles away.

Please visit this link to learn more about reTREEt America

Greg Hill

President of Maple Hill Tree Services and reTREEt America Board Member