Tree Selection and Planting

Get expert advice on the best low-maintenance options.

With the loss of so many trees due to pests, urban stress, and climate change, it’s a good idea for an experienced Arborist to plant your trees and shrubs. Our team has extensive experience advising commercial and multi-unit residential properties on tree and shrub plantings. We will help develop a plan that beautifies your property, while also minimizing the need for ongoing maintenance.

Tree Planting Service | Maple Hill Tree Services

Things to consider when planting trees on a commercial property

Zoning and regulations

Check local zoning regulations and landscaping guidelines to ensure compliance with any restrictions or requirements for planting trees on commercial properties.

Utility considerations

Be aware of the location of underground utilities before planting. Avoid planting near utility lines to prevent potential conflicts and ensure safety during maintenance.

Aesthetic and brand alignment

Choose tree species that align with the aesthetic and branding goals of the commercial property. Consider the visual impact and how the trees contribute to the overall image.

Functional use of space

Plan tree placement strategically to enhance the functionality of the space. Consider factors such as shade provision, windbreaks, or visual screening for optimal utilization.

Maintenance and care

Evaluate the level of maintenance and care the chosen trees will require. Select species that fit well with the available resources and budget for ongoing care.

Environmental sustainability

Opt for native or adaptive tree species that are well-suited to the local climate. This promotes environmental sustainability and reduces the need for excessive water or care.

Safety and accessibility

Ensure that tree placement prioritizes safety and accessibility for pedestrians, vehicles, and structures. Trim branches to maintain clear sightlines and pathways.

Long-term impact

Consider the long-term impact of tree growth on the property. Account for mature tree size, potential shade patterns, and any impacts on neighboring structures or vegetation.

Why Maple Hill is the the smart choice

Experienced in commercial and multi-unit residential settings: Our tree removal process follows the guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture and ensures you receive the best service possible.

We make safety a priority: We perform a thorough survey of fallen, leaning, or hazardous trees to determine the scope of the project, as well as formulate an appropriate plan of action to maximize the safety of our Arborists, you and your property

Expert knowledge: Tree removal is always a last resort when we know that it cannot be saved. Find out more about our experienced Arborists’ Reports to extend the life of your trees.

We provide alternatives: Many tree services default to recommending costly tree removal first. Our team will provide a range of possible solutions that can often save existing trees and be more cost effective too.

Customer satisfaction: We provide a proper scope and estimate for the work so that there are no last minute surprises and our expert team of certified and fully-insured arborists always go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction.

Most advanced equipment: We use the latest equipment (including cranes and other heavy machinery) for safe tree removal and can stump-grind the trunk to below grade and cover the hole.