Disease and Pest Control

Tree insects and diseases can be costly problems for commercial properties.

Commercial properties are especially vulnerable to the risks of tree insects and diseases. This is because these properties are often larger and contain more trees. Any untreated issues are more likely to spread. This can lead to more costly interventions, such as extensive tree removals.

Maple Hill uses an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases that begins with maintaining tree health using practices including pruning and creating optimal soil conditions for tree growth. Monitoring and periodic inspections are critical to identifying pest infestations before they reach damaging levels. When treatments are necessary, Maple Hill implements safe and effective solutions like applying organic or synthetic materials.

Why Do I Have All These White Moths All Over My Trees

Commercial-grade solutions for commercial properties

Diseases and pests can be detrimental to trees in the urban environment. Since a healthy tree can defend against most insects and diseases, our ISA Certified Arborists will focus on the cause rather than just the symptoms. Our first step is to identify and monitor both harmful pests and beneficial insects.

Integrated pest management

  • IPM is a sustainable management tool that combines biological, cultural, and physical practices to identify, manage and reduce risk from pests.

Insecticides and fungicides in organic and synthetic formats

  • TreeAzin – targets Emerald Ash Borer and LDD Moth
  • BTK Spray - targets pest caterpillars and gypsy moths
  • Copper Fungicide - are effective for treating fungal diseases
  • Horticultural/Dormant Oil - acts as an insect repellant

Insect traps

Mechanical methods

  • Pruning affected tree parts, egg mass removal, and burlap skirts

Why Maple Hill is the the smart choice

Experienced in commercial and multi-unit residential settings: Our tree removal process follows the guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture and ensures you receive the best service possible.

We make safety a priority: We perform a thorough survey of fallen, leaning, or hazardous trees to determine the scope of the project, as well as formulate an appropriate plan of action to maximize the safety of our Arborists, you and your property

Expert knowledge: Tree removal is always a last resort when we know that it cannot be saved. Find out more about our experienced Arborists’ Reports to extend the life of your trees.

We provide alternatives: Many tree services default to recommending costly tree removal first. Our team will provide a range of possible solutions that can often save existing trees and be more cost effective too.

Customer satisfaction: We provide a proper scope and estimate for the work so that there are no last minute surprises and our expert team of certified and fully-insured arborists always go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction.

Most advanced equipment: We use the latest equipment (including cranes and other heavy machinery) for safe tree removal and can stump-grind the trunk to below grade and cover the hole.