It Pays to Be Proactive

Tree health management can add major value for commercial property managers. Avoid costly tree removals and maintenance down the line. Enhance your property value with vibrant, healthy trees. 

Preventative care to boost
tree health and limit liability

By helping your existing trees to flourish our tree management plan can enhance the beauty and value of your commercial property. Healthy trees are also less likely to have structural issues. This can help you avoid expensive tree removal and pruning. Proactive tree health management also reduces the risk of damage and liability in the future.

Disease & pest control

Identify and manage diseases and insects that can destroy the health of your trees.

Tree selection & planting

Select the right trees for your property, and develop a strategy to ensure they flourish and grow.

Soil conditioning & fertilization

Soil analysis and fertilization can make all the difference in promoting healthy trees.

ArborBoost Plus

Get the best of all our tree health services with our comprehensive ArborBoost program!


Why Maple Hill Tree Service?

Professional, fully insured service

Capable of large-scale projects for businesses of all sizes

A team of qualified ISA Certified Arborists

Personalized, affordable and guaranteed service

High level safety standards & protocols

Option for ongoing maintenance & follow up

Expertise in Municipal by-laws