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Maple Hill Tree Services’ core values are embedded in our dedication to the preservation of trees. Our ethical and organic approach to caring for trees begins with newly planted trees and continues through to nurturing our mature urban trees to help sustain their health, vigor and longevity. Given that our urban trees are surviving outside of their natural environment, the forest, they need our help and respect.

At Maple Hill our respect continues through to life after death for these trees as we recycle all tree parts that we remove or prune. Sometimes the removal of a tree is an emotional experience so we offer a renewed life in the form of custom furniture or other wood products. The parts of the tree that cannot be turned into lumber or furniture is ground up, composted and then spread over the root system of urban trees.

Preserve the environment & reduce carbon emissions

Turn your old and fallen trees into functional works of art such as furniture, structures or eco-friendly lumber.

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