3 Ways to Protect Your Trees During a Drought

3 Ways to Protect Your Trees During a DroughtAs much as we love the summer sun, too much heat can be detrimental to your trees. Here are a few things you can do to protect your trees during a drought.

Moisture meters

Knowing when your soil is too dry is the first step in rectifying the problem. Moisture meters can be the easiest way to monitor when a tree should be watered. Meters can cost as little as $20 and can give a fairly accurate reading for moisture content in the soil.

Watering bags

There are many different styles of watering bags on the market. If used correctly they can be a beneficial tool for ensuring your tree is watered correctly.


Can serve as a good gauge for how much water a new tree requires. This is dependent on the size of the bag and tree, but it can be as simple as filling the watering bag once a week. The bags are designed to release the water at a slow rate so that the trees can maximize water uptake.


They can hold moisture around the trunk of the tree which can lead to decay and rot. The bag should be removed between uses or after rain events to allow the trunk to dry out.

They can hold a lot of heat. In the middle of summer, a dark green or brown watering bag will get extremely hot, an additional stress.


Adding a 4-inch-deep mulch ring around the base of the tree is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective things that a tree owner can do if done properly. Some benefits related to this topic include:

  • Decreased water loss through evaporation
  • Retains moisture and helps prevent water runoff
  • Regulates temperature (tap water can be very cold)
  • A high-quality composted mulch is key. Try to avoid the bagged dyed mulches if possible.
  • How the mulch is installed is also very important.
  • Avoid piling mulch up against the trunk of the tree.

For baby trees: create a large bowl-shaped ring (the size of the root ball) to help capture the water.

For large trees: evenly spread mulch around the mulch bed.

If your property is suffering from too much sun and heat and you’re looking for some expert advice, contact us for a consultation!