Soil Conditioning and Fertilization

Protect your trees and shrubs with adequate soil quality and fertilization

Replacing trees and shrubs can be quite costly, especially if you have to buy new ones more than once! A targeted soil conditioning and fertilization strategy can be especially valuable to nurture young trees to maturity.

The health and quality of soil can vary from place to place. And different trees benefit from specific types of soil.  Not only do the nutrients in the soil need to be correct, but the soil itself also needs to be dense enough to hold water for trees to use. The soil will be the habitat for many organisms that will help your trees to flourish and grow.

Soil Conditioning and Fertilization is a preventative and proactive approach to caring for your trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists have the experience and knowledge to identify and analyze your soil's health as it impacts your trees' health.

Close-up of fertile loam for the background

Expert soil analysis and care for thriving growth

We analyze the properties of your soil to accurately identify any nutrient deficiencies or chemical imbalances impeding your tree's growth. Our ISA Certified Arborists have the experience and knowledge to test your soil's properties and health accurately. They'll know the right sampling location and depth, ensure the ground is clean, and will be able to analyze the test results and provide a detailed report with solutions.

Some of the solutions may include the following services:


Fertilizing will help to give your tree a fighting chance to flourish by encouraging new growth and a strong root system to ward off pests and diseases. We use both synthetic and organic fertilization, depending on the test results.

Deep root fertilizing

These applications are a specialized type of fertilizer application that uses high-pressure professional equipment to inject a blend of nutrients and organic matter into the soil around your trees' roots.

Deep root compost tea fertilization

This type of application is a high-quality and proprietary blend of compost and other natural ingredients that promote sustainable soil changes and continued tree health. Watch our video about compost tea.

Deep root humate fertilization

Humates are high quality organic matter. Applications encourage root growth and improve soil structure and nutrient availability. 

Deep root mycorrhizal soil treatments

This type of treatment help roots find water and absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Why Maple Hill Tree Service?

Mitigate risk

Manage tree health

Develop or improve tree structure

Restore overgrown trees

Provide clearance

Manage size or shape

Improve aesthetics

Helps manage wildlife habitat