Cabling and Bracing

Protect your mature trees, and make your property safer.

Sometimes mature trees develop structural issues that require supports be installed. This can help ensure that your trees stay healthy and safe, and can be more cost effective than tree removal. Our ISA Certified Arborists can help determine if your mature tree needs a Support System and develop a plan to keep your trees healthy for years to come.

Cabling and bracing can be especially valuable to mitigate risk in high-traffic areas on your property. Our team can identify high-risk trees and implement cabling and bracing solutions quickly to make your property safer.


A cost-effective way for homeowners to solve major tree problems.

Reinforce tree structure

Mature trees that haven’t been pruned properly from an early age can develop a weak branch structure. Cabling and bracing can help to reinforce any weak points to keep your trees healthier, longer. 

Prevent stress damage

Cabling and bracing can provide added protection for trees at risk from extreme weather such as ice, wind and snow. Reduce the risk of falling limbs and tree damage with a properly executed cabling and bracing solution.

Preserve historic or significant trees

In cases where preserving the health and longevity of historic or significant trees is essential, cable bracing can provide vital support to prolong their lifespan.

Support multiple trunks

Trees with multiple trunks or co-dominant stems may be prone to splitting. Cable bracing helps secure these stems, reducing the risk of structural failure.

Why Maple Hill Tree Service?

Mitigate risk

Manage tree health

Develop or improve tree structure

Restore overgrown trees

Provide clearance

Manage size or shape

Improve aesthetics

Helps manage wildlife habitat