Stump Grinding

Whether it's been there for years or freshly cut, we'll clear it with ease.

After we remove your tree, it’s important to have the stump ground to allow for planting of another tree or to clear the area so that you can add grass or mulch.

Stump grinding is a quick and easy solution that has many benefits. Increase the usability of your space. Prevent tripping and falling on untended stumps. Reduce the risk of insect infestation that can spread to your come or other trees on your property. Our expert team can help you get all these benefits and more in a matter of hours with our stump grinding service.

Stump Grinding Service | Maple Hill Tree Services

It's time to un-stump the yard!
Getting rid of stumps has many benefits for homeowners.

Preventing hazards

Stumps can be a tripping hazard and an eye sore. You can lmit future injury and liability risk by getting them removed!

Preventing new growth

Unwanted new trees can grow out of an old stump, leading to more maintenance costs down the line.

Avoiding pest infestations

Stumps can harbor insect pests such as carpenter ants, beetles, or termites.

Halting spread of diseases

Stumps can also carry diseases and fungi that can put other plants at risk.

Enhancing aesthetics

Stumps can be unsightly, impacting the visual appeal of your landscape. Removing them improves the overall aesthetics of your property.

Freeing up space

Stumps take up valuable space in your yard, hindering potential use for landscaping, construction, or other activities. Removal allows for more functional use of the space.

Facilitating construction or landscaping

Stump removal creates a clean slate for construction or landscaping projects, allowing for easier planning and execution without the hindrance of remaining tree stumps.

Improving soil quality

Decomposing stumps can deplete soil nutrients and create an environment conducive to fungal growth. Removing the stump can help maintain healthier soil conditions.

Why Maple Hill Tree Service?

Mitigate risk

Manage tree health

Develop or improve tree structure

Restore overgrown trees

Provide clearance

Manage size or shape

Improve aesthetics

Helps manage wildlife habitat