Who We Are

Celebrating over 40 years of services in the tree care industry

Founded in 1980, Maple Hill Tree Services is a cohesive team of professional and qualified Arborists who share in the Company’s Core Values and Culture of Safety. Our Safety Coordinators and our team are leaders in the area in providing high-quality tree care to our customers.


Our core values are embedded in a dedication to the health and safety of trees. Urban trees are struggling to survive outside of the natural environment of the forest. As a result, they need continual care and respect to continue to grow and thrive.

Our ethical and organic approach to caring for trees begins with newly planted trees and continues throughout the tree's life. We do this by helping our customers and clients nurture their mature urban trees to sustain their health, vigor, and longevity.

That respect continues after the death of these trees as we recycle all parts of the tree that we remove or prune.

This ethical and holistic approach to tree care and preservation is truly why Maple Hill Tree Services stand apart in the tree care profession!