AirSpade® is an invaluable tool in addressing multiple challenges with urban tree care.

Quite simply, the process involves the use of a pneumatic air gun to remove soil from root areas without damaging any tree tissue. Soil is blown free of the roots and/or base of a tree in order to gain access to the below-ground structure and correct common tree deficiencies.

Unlike mechanical means of digging, injuries to the subject trees are illuminated. Once upon a time, the decision needed to be made weighing the costs and benefits of exposing tree roots for various purposes. Now with the use of AirSpade®technology, there are only benefits!

Common remediation uses of AirSpade® include the following practices. These are only a few of the uses for this tool.

  • Soil Decompaction: By moving or ‘tilling’ areas of a trees’ root zone, hard-packed soils can be broken up and mixed with additional organic materials to provide healthier soils for tree growth.
  • Root Collar Excavation: Many trees can start out life with chocking roots encircling the trunk below grade. This common ailment gets progressively worse over time and can kill otherwise healthy trees. When addressed in time, girdling roots can be severed and stopped from choking the trunk. Careful removal of the soil in this critical area of the tree using the AirSpade® can address these issues without causing additional damage to the tree.
  • Root Pruning: Similar to the above point, exposing roots with the AirSpade® can provide access to roots that have been previously damaged or are at risk from future site work. Not unlike tree branches, roots need to be pruned properly in order to limit dieback and disease entry. Once again, the ability to gain access to tree roots without injury pays dividends to ongoing tree health.
  • Transplanting and Bare Root Digging: Certain circumstances occur where the need to move trees provides more applicable AirSpade® options. With proper consideration of season and tree species, removing the soil from a tree root system allows for easier transplanting and greater success. Similarly, partial root zone excavation allows for the correct pruning needed for the preparation of transplanting larger trees.

Additional uses include opening root zones to allow for the installation or repair of underground utilities. Root zone mapping is also a valuable tool in examining proposed site work and potential construction impacts on development sites.

AirSpade® excavation also causes no additional damage to the site or property. No large equipment is needed. The area affected can be minimized and the mess controlled and limited to specific work areas.

Whether your tree needs remedial care for ongoing health, or you are struggling with poor soil conditions, AirSpade® services are likely to be just what is needed!
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