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Renewable Resources

While Maple Hill Tree Services Inc. offers a variety of services to help preserve the health and longevity of your trees, there are times when a tree presents a hazard, is dead, or can’t be saved. In these situations, we will remove the tree and salvage and recycle all of the wood material.

Check out the variety of renewable resources we offer.

Composted Mulch
We grind and compost mulch from the tree parts that can’t be recycled as lumber, live edge slabs, or furniture. This composted mulch is packed with nutrients and beneficial bacteria and fungi, such as Mycorrhizae. These enriching nutrients become readily available to the tree’s root systems, thereby improving and enhancing the health of your trees and plants. When used over a period of time, this mulch saves you money and reduces your maintenance efforts.

Compost Tea
Maple Hill Tree Services Inc. has developed a holistic way to feed the trees through the root system, and also to promote changes in the soil that more closely mimic the natural environment.

It starts with a high-quality Compost Tea, brewed on our premises from a proprietary blend of our compost and other natural ingredients that promote sustainable soil changes and continued tree health.

Find out how you can create a natural soil environment that promotes healthy, vibrant trees and shrubs.