Tree Health Care
More Than Just Tree Pruning & Removal

Proactive, preventative care for trees and shrubs for commercial and multi-unit residential property owners.

We specialize in tree maintenance plans for busy property managers!

If you're a commercial or multi-unit residential property manager, you probably have a million things to worry about. Let our expert team take tree maintenance off your list! Maple Hill Tree Services offers affordable and efficient packages to handle ongoing tree maintenance for property managers. We understand your priorities and develop tailored plans to meet your needs and budget.


Healthy trees and shrubs are the key to a healthy ecosystem. If you want yours be able withstand pest infestations and disease, then it's important that they're maintained properly.


Tree Health Care is a proactive approach to taking care of your trees and shrubs. Rather than waiting for problems or symptoms, you can actively address them with various services that will help keep the property healthy in many ways!

Soil Health

We analyze your soil test results to identify deficient nutrients and any problems with pH levels or the amount of organic matter present. This process will ensure any fertilization treatments will adequately address the problem and improve the appearance and growth of your trees.

We'll also look at any signs or symptoms of soil compaction, which can lead to poor drainage, limited aeration, and impeded growth.

Our soil health care solutions include:

  • Fertilization will help to give your tree a fighting chance to flourish by encouraging new growth and a strong root system to ward off pests and diseases. We use both synthetic and organic fertilization, depending on the test results.
  • Deep root injections are a specialized type of fertilizer application that uses high-pressure professional equipment to inject a blend of nutrients and organic matter into the soil around your trees' roots.
  • Compost tea is a high-quality and proprietary blend of compost and other natural ingredients that promote sustainable soil changes and continued tree health.
  • Soil Aeration assures that water, air and nutrients can easily migrate to the root system to create a highly sustainable environment for trees to grow and thrive.
Cultivated loam and man's hand are using magnifiers to check soil conditions.
human hand is checking leafs for aphidsaphids on leaf

Disease & Pest Control

Diseases and pests can be detrimental to trees in the urban environment. Since a healthy tree can defend against most insects and diseases, our ISA Certified Arborists will focus on the cause rather than just the symptoms. Our first step is to identify and monitor both harmful pests and beneficial insects.

Our disease & pest solutions include:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a sustainable management tool that combines biological, cultural, and physical practices to identify, manage and reduce risk from pests
  • Insecticides and fungicides in organic and synthetic formats
  • Insect traps – that target pests like the Japanese Beetle, LDD moth
  • Mechanical methods such as pruning affected tree parts, egg mass removal, and burlap skirts

What does Maple Hill offer?

Our knowledgeable, Certified Arborists work with our clients using the best management practices to reach realistic tree health care goals. We offer environmentally sensitive and effective services to address your tree health care concerns.

The goal of Tree Health Care is not only to prevent problems from arising but also to provide a more vibrant and healthier environment for your trees. By taking an active approach rather than simply waiting around until something goes wrong you can keep on top of potential issues before they become serious!