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Maple Hill Tree Services employs a highly trained staff. With over 30 years of experience in tree pruning and health care, you can count on us to protect and preserve the health of your plants. Our ISA Certified Arborists treat each tree individually, as all trees require specific pruning at specific life stages. We are equipped to provide the highest quality of pruning for whatever your needs and your trees needs are.

We prune trees and shrubs through all life stages to ensure they remain healthy, structurally sound, and beautiful for years to come. The urban environment is much different from a trees natural habitat so pruning is essential to promote safe and proper tree structure, as well as develop strong unions and appropriate branch spacing.

Here are some reasons for pruning:

  • Safety – dead or hazardous limbs often go unnoticed.
  • Young trees – the most important and critical stage in a tree’s entire life to help develop a strong branching structure. With only a few small cuts in the right place, the health, structure and even the life span of a tree can be drastically increased.
  • Thinning – to help reduce the “sail affect” in the upper canopy during high windstorms; to reduce the work load on the root system if restricted; to increase air flow for disease management.
  • Clearance pruning from buildings, signs, lights and roadways.
Tree Pruning Services

Maple Hill Tree Services has certified Arborists with wide-ranging knowledge and experience in pruning a variety of species. Our expert tree care pruning services cater to the precise needs all trees including:  heritage, ornamental and fruit trees.

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