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‘The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.’ Anonymous

Mortality of landscape trees regularly reaches 30% in the first year after planting and many more don’t make it past year three. The high mortality rate can be contributed to the following:

  • Planted in poor compacted soils – low soil fertility compounded by little or no drainage from the planting hole.
  • Planting too deep.
  • Improper mulching  –  mulch too high around the trunk.
  • Girdling roots  –  a common problem with container grown and improperly planted trees.
  • Lack of post planting maintenance  –  improper application of water and organic material.

The vast majority of trees planted in the urban environment are planted improperly; typically the hole is dug only slightly larger than the root ball in harsh, compacted soils. The new roots are unable to penetrate the compacted soil at the edge of the hole so they concentrate in the hole, which causes girdling roots, or they grow out along the surface interfering with turf conditions.

Tree Planting Services
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Planting New Trees

Maple Hill Tree Services plants trees in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture standards and we offer a three year warrantee.

Measures to ensure new tree planting is successful: 

  • Adhere to strict planting specifications in accordance with professional arboriculture standards; preparation of planting hole and surrounding soil , planting depths, addition of organic material and proper maintenance.
  • Inspect trees prior to planting to ensure good quality; healthy, good branch structure, no mechanical damage, no disease or insect issues.
  • Inspect trees after planting to ensure planting standards have been met.
  • Ensure post planting maintenance is carried out.
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