Tree Health Care

Our Tree Health Care program was developed to help relieve the homeowner or property manager of the worry or concern of their trees. Our clients enjoy increased property value and decreased management load.

Our Tree Health Care (THC) program focuses on:

  1. Safety; removal or pruning of dead or hazardous trees and branches.
  2. Clearance pruning from buildings, lights, signs, pathways and roadways.
  3. Maintain and improve the health and vigour of existing trees and shrubs.
  4. Planning for the future with a planting plan. We help to decide which tree species should be planted where to maximize the value of your property and aesthetic appeal.

What does THC include?

  • Scheduled visits to monitor the tree population.
  • Seasonal reports outlining observations, concerns and recommendations.
  • Property consultations with homeowners, property managers, board of directors, or your landscape contractors.

In the urban environment in which we live we rely on beautiful mature trees to provide us with health, environmental and economical benefits. Our Tree Health Care Program strives to maintain safety and keep our urban trees healthy by providing proper, long-term tree care advice.

Tree & Plant Health Care

We take into consideration nutrient and water requirements, soil condition, planting location as well as required maintenance for this reason monitoring is the building block of our Tree Health Care Program.

Our Tree Health Care Technicians are ISA Certified Arborists. By using sound education and experience we help the client make informed decisions regarding short and long-term tree health and property improvements.

A proactive tree care approach leads to long-term economic management of the tree population with the focus on ‘Treating the Cause not the Symptom’.

Tree Injecting
Tree Health Care requires year-round effort. There’s plenty to consider – disease and pest control, pruning, fertilization, a proper irrigation schedule and much more.

Our long-term Tree Health Care program (THC) is designed especially for the GTAs urban environment. We aim to build and maintain healthy trees for generations to come. Drawing from years of experience the THC program caters to the unique needs of each property and client individually. Through this program we have saved the lives of many urban trees and improved the environment.

We work closely with the Property Manager and Board of Directors to understand their long term plans for their property and to keep them informed through formal reports and site visits.

Our goal is to create a safe environment for everyone using the property and to help improve property values by showcasing healthy trees. Research shows that a healthy tree population increases property values.

Commercial Tree Health Care depends on the unique growing conditions of each property. Concrete surroundings, ongoing construction, small growing space, poor soil and improper watering are all added challenges.

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