At times, storms can make tough trees in your yard fall. After the storm, you may not be sure whether your homeowners’ insurance will pay for the expenses relating to the removal of the tree branches or fixing the damages caused by the tree if in case it fell on your home.

Irrespective of whether the insurance policy includes coverage for the fallen trees depends on several factors, for example, the cause of the fall and the resulting damage.

Will Insurance Cover Compensate You if a Tree Falls on Your House?

The homeowner’s insurance policy protects your home, the fence, shed and other structures. The insurance covers perils such as wind. Therefore, whether the insurance will cover the damage caused to the house depends on what caused the tree to fall.

If the tree was healthy and the damage to your home took place because of wind, then a typical homeowner’s insurance policy may help in paying for the damages caused to your home and other structures within the property. However, the insurance does not cover damages caused by negligence or issues relating to maintenance.

The amount of damage covered by the homeowner’s insurance depends on the coverage limits you set on your policy. You will likely have different limits for coverage on the dwelling and on other structures.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Car Damage from a Tree?

The homeowner’s insurance will not cover the damage to your car if a tree falls on it. But, you can file a car insurance claim if your cover is comprehensive. Comprehensive coverage helps in paying for damages caused by falling objects to your car.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Damages to Your Neighbour’s Car?

You are liable for the damage to your neighbour’s car if there is neglect on your part in relation to the damage. If your healthy tree fell on your neighbour’s yard because of a storm, the neighbour has the option of filing a claim with his insurance company.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover the Removal of Tree?

The homeowner’s insurance policy may help in covering the cost of repairing your home and removal of the fallen tree and its branches.

There is a likelihood of homeowner’s insurance not covering the cost of tree removal if the tree fell without causing any damage to any structure of your property.

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