Soil Conditioning & Fertilization

Soil impacts the health of your trees.

The health and quality of soil can vary from place to place. And different trees benefit from specific types of soil.  Not only do the nutrients in the soil need to be correct, but the soil itself also needs to be dense enough to hold water for trees to use. The soil will be the habitat for many organisms that will help your trees to flourish and grow. 


Soil Conditioning & Fertilization is a preventative and proactive approach to caring for your trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists have the experience and knowledge to identify and analyze your soil's health as it impacts your trees' health.

What condition is your soil in?

We analyze the conditions of your soil to identify problems such as drainage and compaction. Poor drainage signifies that the ground is oversaturated, which can prevent the tree's root system from getting oxygen. To fix this, we may implement the following:

  • Mulch: adding organic material like mulch will add volume and improve how the soil drains, preventing water from pooling.
  • Soil aeration: assures that water, air and nutrients can easily migrate to the root system to create a highly sustainable environment for trees to grow and thrive.
  • AirSpade®: this service involves using a pneumatic air gun to remove soil from root areas without damaging tree tissue. While commonly used for root excavation, this service can also work for soil decompaction by 'tilling' areas of a tree's root zone. Hard-packed soil can be broken up and mixed with additional organic materials to provide healthier soil for tree growth.
Close-up of fertile loam for the background

Soil Properties:

We analyze the properties of your soil to accurately identify any nutrient deficiencies or chemical imbalances impeding your tree's growth. Our ISA Certified Arborists have the experience and knowledge to test your soil's properties and health accurately. They'll know the right sampling location and depth, ensure the ground is clean, and will be able to analyze the test results and provide a detailed report with solutions.

Some of the solutions may include the following services:

  • Fertilization will help to give your tree a fighting chance to flourish by encouraging new growth and a strong root system to ward off pests and diseases. We use both synthetic and organic fertilization, depending on the test results.
  • Deep root fertilizer applications are a specialized type of fertilizer application that uses high-pressure professional equipment to inject a blend of nutrients and organic matter into the soil around your trees' roots.
  • Deep root compost tea applications are a high-quality and proprietary blend of compost and other natural ingredients that promote sustainable soil changes and continued tree health.
  • Deep root humate applications encourage root growth and improve soil structure and nutrient availability. 
  • Deep root mycorrhizal soil treatments help roots find water and absorb nutrients more efficiently.

What does Maple Hill offer?

Our knowledgeable, Certified Arborists work with our clients using the best management practices to reach realistic tree health care goals. We offer environmentally sensitive and effective services to address your tree health care concerns.

The goal of Tree Health Care is not only to prevent problems from arising but also to provide a more vibrant and healthier environment for your trees. By taking an active approach rather than simply waiting around until something goes wrong you can keep on top of potential issues before they become serious!