At Maple Hill Tree Services we believe that research, education and public awareness are the backbone of our Arboriculture Industry and have helped to maintain the integrity of our urban trees and woodlots, or ‘Urban Forest’. We have come a long way in the past 20 years moving towards the preservation and respect of our Urban Forest. Having said that, the future is looming with attacks from exotic insects due to globalization and the introduction of migratory insects and diseases due to climate change, so there is an urgent need to move forward at an accelerated pace.


Without research we wouldn’t have an Industry and Arboriculture and Certified Arborists would not be in our vocabulary. Sound “Urban Tree Research” has paved the way to planting the right tree in the right place, the maintenance of existing trees and the preservation of Heritage trees and trees through development.
We support Urban Tree Research through the Canadian Tree Fund (CTF). The CTF raises funds through various events and sponsors worthy research projects which will most benefit our Industry. The CTF was founded in 1996 and Greg Hill, our President, was one of the founding members. Please check out the CTF web site at for more about the cause.

One of the main annual fund raisers is the Tour des Trees (TdT) which is organized by our sister the TREE Fund in the US. Every year 50 to 80 cyclists from several different countries ride their bikes for 500 to 600 miles over the course of a week to raise funds, educate and raise awareness. The Canadian riders participating in the TdT in 2011 raised almost $30,000 to support the CTF. Check out the TdT web site for more information

Education and Public Awareness

For the most part we at Maple Hill Tree Services are doing this every day, one tree and one client at a time. Our sales folks go to great lengths to explain the reasons for their recommendations and our Certified Arborists are always available for discussion while on site to perform the work. But we need to do more as now more than ever there is a sense of urgency for the protection of our Urban Forest…… we plan to use this new forum as another tool.

We also participate in a number of events to raise awareness and educate. In 2009 Maple Hill Tree Services, the CTF and Oakville Galleries partnered to sponsor Alex Metcalf the “Tree Listener” to erect an interactive display at Gairloch Gardens in Oakville. Alex has found a way to record the sounds within a tree and was able to amplify them enough to be heard with the use of head phones. The installation included head phones hanging from a mature Copper Beech allowing folks to walk under the tree and put on the head phones….making sound, the fruit of the tree.
The opening event was filmed by Kane Hill, Greg’s son and a graduate of Sheridan College’s Media Arts Program and some of his colleagues. The film has been uploaded onto You Tube and can be viewed here on our web site.