Renewable Resources

Whereas most trees that are removed end up in the landfill or in the form of wood chips, at Maple Hill we salvage and recycle all of the wood material that comes into our yard.

Trees remove carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, and store this carbon throughout their lifetime. Even upon removal, this carbon remains locked up in the wood, and is only released back into the soil and atmosphere through natural decay. By salvaging and milling logs into Live Edge slabs, we are keeping the carbon locked up and contributing to the fight against climate change.

To honour the memory of their tree, we offer our clients a unique service where wood from their tree is salvaged and turned into a custom wood product. In the past we have made all sorts of tables, benches, bar tops, butting boards, serving trays and wall art. Some of our clients have preferred to purchase live edge slabs milled from their tree, with which they have created some of their own beautiful pieces.

For you handy people out there: we offer wholesale bundles of live edge slabs, at a wholesale price. Many of our slabs are available in book-matched sets. Apart from milling slabs, we also mill dimensional lumber. All of our slabs and lumber are available rough-sawn and air dried, some for several years now, and can be finished to your desired specifications.

Have a look at some of our inventory and plan a visit to our yard for a tour… by appointment only.


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