Renewable Resources

At Maple Hill we believe that the trees removed from the Urban Forest are a valuable resource that has been overlooked. Due to this philosophy we recycle and salvage all of the wood material that comes into our yard…renewing their value!

As Arborists we have continually strived to educate our clients about the many benefits of their trees but removal of certain trees is necessary for safety reasons. Through our Renewable Resource concept we are proving that there is still value in their trees after they have been removed. We take great care in the preparation of the wood and the carpentry process so these pieces of furniture can last generations.

We offer our clients a very unique service to honor the memory of their trees. We salvage the wood from recently removed trees on their property and turn them into a variety of wood products and gifts such as dining tables, coffee tables, office desks, benches, bar tops, shelves, cheese boards, cutting boards and even wall art. Many of our clients have been excited about being part of the process of creating furniture or gifts for Christmas and weddings made from a tree that was removed from their property.

Maple Hill has a wide variety of these products available for sale. We also mill “Live Edge” slabs and dimensional lumber. Common species include Ash, Maple, Oak, Elm and Pine as well as more rare species such as Locusts, Butternut, Walnut, Cherry and Fir. Many of our slabs are available as a book-matched sets, allowing you to create a wide surface with a mirror image effect.

All of our slabs and lumber are available rough-sawn and air dried, some for several years now. They can also be finished to your desired specifications, including joining a book-matched set.

We have just started offering this wood to the public and anticipate an excellent response. Please review our inventory and plan a visit to our yard for a tour…by appointment only.


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