Organic Composted Mulch

At Maple Hill we grind and compost all of the tree parts (from our pruning and removal operations) that can’t be recycled as lumber, live edge slabs or furniture. We consider our mulch organic because there are no additives or dye.

Our composted mulch is packed with nutrients and beneficial bacteria and fungi, such as Mycorrhizae. These enriching nutrients become readily available to the tree’s root systems, thereby improving health and vigor immensely. When used over a period of time, mulching reduces your maintenance efforts and cost.

We are proud to be affiliated with Gro-Bark, a sustainably-sourced mulch and soil supplier that acquire brush from us. Gro-Bark is known for purchasing only by-products of sawmill and forestry operations. Gro-Bark does not support the cutting of trees and harvesting of wood material for the sole purpose of mulch production. They help us ensure nothing that comes into our yard goes to waste here at Maple Hill!

“It’s like bringing a handful of the forest floor to the urban tree.”


new pics 006What are the advantages of proper mulching?

  • Organic nutrients are readily available to the tree roots.
  • Provides essential bacteria and fungi to the soil.
  • Helps replenish the biodiversity in the soil from micro-organisms to earth worms.
  • Reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers.
  • Maintains soil moisture by reducing evaporation, especially in extreme heat and drought-like conditions.
  • Minimizes the need for frequent watering, reducing your water bills.
  • Keeps soils cool in summer and acts as an insulator in winter reducing the damage caused by temperature fluctuations.
  • Reverses soil compaction allowing for better aeration and drainage.
  • Eliminates trunk damage from lawnmowers and string trimmers.
  • Provides a natural, aesthetic look to any landscape design.

Our Certified Arborists;

  • Ensure the quality of our organic composted mulch.
  • Avoid damage by applying the right amount in the recommended area i.e. to cover the entire root system.
  • Recommend and apply our mulch in a manner that ensures a more aesthetic landscape.
  • We can also provide regular Arborist Reports to maintain the good health of your trees, please see our Tree Health Care section.

Want Mulch?

  • Our mulch is available for public retail or whole sale
  • Please call for Pick-up and Delivery prices
  • Call us at 905-824-2100

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