Milton is mourning the loss of one of it’s Heritage trees which was a landmark for the Harrop House Restaurant and Art Gallery on Steeles Ave. The strong winds of Friday night, March 2, proved to be too much for this old Norway Maple. This Tree was one of the oldest trees in Milton
and was as much a part of the Harrop House Restaurant and Gallery as the
brick and mortar. Tears were shed and the trunk may be carved into some kind
of memorial.

This Maple was considered a hazard 20 years ago due to a weakness in the main trunk, an included bark union, and it’s removal was discussed. Hedi Nowak would have no part of that so she hired Maple Hill Tree Services to support the weakness with the use of a cabling system and pruning to thin out the canopy to reduce the sail affect. At the time we gave the tree 5 to 10 years but due to Hedi’s passion we managed to maintain it safely until Friday.

The winds were in excess of 100 km per hour which blew out the 2 main stems that overhung the Harrop House. Fortunately,IMG_1941 due to the cabling system these
trunks were redirected away from the building. No damage was done to the building or the landscaping.

It was a sad day Saturday in Milton but the silver lining is that there was no damage and no one got hurt.

This was a testament to good Arboriculture Practices which are founded in
sound research and being done world wide.