Arboriculture is the art, science and practice of tree care. Arborists are the certified professionals that work within the field of arboriculture to care for and maintain a tree in all its stages of growth and life. The main objective of arboriculture is the health, appearance and safety of individual trees. The arboriculture industry is rapidly expanding, fuelled by growing awareness of the need for correct tree management and increased current public interest in environmental issues.

A 2007 study in the U.S. determined the four largest arboricultural firms account for only 4% of combined industry receipts and the industry comprises nearly 82,000 establishments, employs approximately 160,000 workers, and earns annual gross receipts of nearly $9 billion.

Maple Hill Tree Services has been a reputable local, full service company since 1980.  We have built our business on education and trust and we now serve over 2000 clients in the Greater Toronto Area.  As the industry grows we are working hard to grow with it.  Currently we are looking to expand and compliment our staff with an organized, experienced administrative assistant.  Rich experience, dedicated staff and a meticulous work ethic help us produce outstanding results.

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