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Consultation & Arborist Reports

There are many times when you need an Arborist Report to help you make informed planning decisions about the trees on your property, whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or property manager.

The consulting division of Maple Hill Tree Services Inc. specializes in professional, proficient consulting and reports for all aspects of tree health and development and construction projects.

Check out the variety of consulting and reports we offer.

Arborist Reports for Tree Removal

Many municipalities require an Arborist Report for a Removal Permit application. We produce professional reports outlining the reasoning for removal while taking the individual Municipal By-Laws into consideration.

Arborist Reports for Development Application

New Homes, Additions, and Pools
We will provide detailed professional reports including a tree inventory, tree preservation recommendations, and AutoCad tree preservation plan of the proposed site plan.

Our Consulting Arborists stay current with the changing requirements of Municipalities in the GTA so that your application is not help up due to a technicality.

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)
TRAQ is a systematic approach to determining the level of hazard of any tree. It is a widely used and accepted measure for determining mitigating of a proposed hazardous tree.

TRAQ is a Professional Qualification which has been established by the International Society of Arboriculture to help set a standard among ISA Certified Arborists.

Our TRAQ Certified Arborists produce high quality reports evaluating all aspects of the tree according to these standards.

Tree Monitoring/Root Pruning
Detailed reports commenting on trees before, during, and after construction. Certified Arborists are also available for on-site supervision of excavation near trees.

Exploratory Excavation & Root Pruning
When construction or maintenance work intrudes into a tree’s root zone, the tree will benefit from exploratory excavation.

Tree Bylaws
Many municipalities in the GTA have installed bylaws to protect trees located on private property. These bylaws are often being updated, below are the direct links to the private tree bylaws.