Commercial Stump Grinding Services

Whether it's been there for years or freshly cut, we'll clear it with ease.

Fast and professional stump grinding services for property managers

After we remove your tree, it’s important to have the stump ground to allow for planting of another tree or to clear the area so that you can add grass or mulch.

Why grind stumps on my property?

  • Stumps can be a tripping hazard and an eye sore. You can lmit future injury and liability risk by getting them removed!
  • Unwanted new trees can grow out of an old stump, leading to more maintenance costs down the line.
  • Stumps can harbor insect pests such as carpenter ants, beetles, or termites.
  • Stumps can also carry diseases and fungi that can put other plants at risk.
Soil Conditioning/Compost Tea & Mulch

What does Maple Hill offer?

Our knowledgeable, Certified Arborists work with our clients using the best management practices to reach realistic tree health care goals. We offer environmentally sensitive and effective services to address your tree health care concerns.

The goal of Tree Health Care is not only to prevent problems from arising but also to provide a more vibrant and healthier environment for your trees. By taking an active approach rather than simply waiting around until something goes wrong you can keep on top of potential issues before they become serious!