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26 04, 2013

Protecting Our Urban Trees

By |April 26th, 2013|Good to Know|0 Comments

Almost all municipalities now have tree protection bylaws to provide preservation of the tree canopy in urban environments.  Most people don’t consider how trees are such an integral part of our lives, these bylaws control arbitrary cutting of trees and promote their importance within our communities.  Trees are a valuable asset to homeowners and the [...]

1 03, 2013

How do Trees Survive in Our Cold Canadian Winters?

By |March 1st, 2013|Good to Know|0 Comments

The question then is how do trees survive below zero, when the water within them must freeze solid? They go dormant in the winter like a bear hibernates. There are still nutrients in the soil. The roots have some protection, particularly the deeper ones, and even the shallow ones may have sufficient snow cover to [...]

11 04, 2012

New Tree Selection and Planting

By |April 11th, 2012|Good to Know|0 Comments

"Tree selection is one of the most important investment decisions a home owner makes when landscaping a new home or replacing a tree lost to damage or disease. Considering that most trees have the potential to outlive the people who plant them, the impact of this decision is one that can influence a lifetime. Match [...]

12 03, 2012


By |March 12th, 2012|Good to Know|0 Comments

Forest soils contain a biodiversity of living organisms which the trees need.  All of the natural, organic nutrients required for a trees health and growth can be found in the layer of composting mulch on the forest floor.  This mulch layer is replenished annually by leaf drop and branch/tree failure and decomposition.  The soil in [...]

27 02, 2012

The Golden Spruce – Book Review

By |February 27th, 2012|Good to Know|0 Comments

The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness and Greed John Vaillant Winner of the Governor General’s literary award and a National Best Seller; it’s a true story about Canada’s west coast logging history. It’s a well-rounded true story mixing: historical fact, logging camps, and old black and white photographs; with coastal to inland [...]