Careers with Maple Hill Tree Services

Our employees are our top priority

A career in the Arboriculture Industry is perfect for people who love the outdoors, have a sense of adventure and want to make a difference. This is a rapidly growing industry and at Maple Hill we have a focus on safety, maintenance and the science behind tree preservation in the urban setting.

At Maple Hill Tree Services Inc., we believe strong values encourage our employees to explore their talents through exposure to tree healthcare, horticulture, and supervisory positions. We believe that teamwork, attention to detail, and positive attitudes are essential building blocks to a rewarding career.

Our core values are embedded in our daily work and our dedication to the preservation of trees. With health and safety as our cornerstone value we respect our natural environment and approach our work in Urban trees with professionalism. With a positive attitude to customer service and teamwork we have created a happy and safer work environment.


Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP)

At Maple Hill Tree Services, we want our team to have more of a say in their future careers and the development of our Company and so an ESOP was created.

Employee ownership creates Ownership Thinking which in turn helps to develop a more professional, safer, more efficient and fun work environment and company. As Shareholders, employees have more of the say in the decision-making process.

It is our belief that since it’s the employees who are the backbone of Maple Hill that they should also benefit from the Company’s long-term prosperity.

When you engage Maple Hill to care for your trees, it’s the OWNERS who arrive to do the work.