Many municipalities in the GTA have installed bylaws to protect trees located on private property. In the urban environment in which we live we rely on beautiful mature trees to provide us with health benefits, environmental benefits and economical benefits. These bylaws aim to preserve these very trees.

Municipalities update their bylaws from time to time but it can be difficult to navigate their websites to find the information you need. Below you will find direct links to the private tree bylaws and, of course, we are always here to answer your questions and help you in any way.


Private Tree Bylaws

The following information applies to removals of privately owned trees only. The permitting processes differ dramatically between the various municipalities.


  • Always consider all municipal owned trees as protected. Many people don’t realize that a portion of your front yard is actually municipal property!
  • All Regional municipalities (Region of Peel, Region of Halton, etc.) have bylaws protecting privately owned trees in “forested” areas; these are not addressed here.
  • All measurements in centimetres are for the DBH. DBH is measured at 1.37 metres from base grade of tree. The DBH of multi stemmed trees varies depending on the municipality.

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