Maple Hill Tree Services prioritizes the health and safety of our customers and employees. During these challenging times, we continue to update our procedures to adapt to this unprecedented situation.

Are tree services an “essential service”?

Tree services are a deemed essential services under the recent Ontario government legislation amendment. Tree pruning and tree removal services are essential for the safety of the commercial residential and industrial property. Essential activities can include:

  • Hazard tree removal or removal or a dangerous tree
  • Pruning of dead, dying, or dangerous limbs
  • Treatment for invasive insects which if left untreated would rapidly destroy a tree causing a hazard
  • Utility line clearance
  • Road safety clearance
  • Cabling or bracing a hazardous tree
  • Mitigating storm damage
  • Emergency response readiness
  • Treatment for ticks and mosquitos or other public health treatments
  • Removal of fire damaged or fuel trees in a fire hazard area
  • Assessment of hazard trees or pest issues for the purposes of removal or treatment as described above

What is Maple Hill Tree Services doing to provide services safely?

In order to comply with Ontario COVID-19 safety measures, here are some policies we have put in place:

  • Use hand sanitizer prior to entering a client’s home or business
  • Deep-cleaning tools and equipment.
  • Provide contactless quotes and invoicing
  • Mandated social distancing measures within our teams and all office personnel not required to work in the field are now working from home.

We are working diligently to minimize any delays in service due to the impact of these changes and will contact clients directly if there are any adjustments to already scheduled appointments. +

If you have any further questions about our COVID-19 response, please contact us.